The Trilogic table top, shown above, is constructed with a rare variegated Ash. Three identical pieces are joined by crossgrain and bowtie splines.  The center of the table is fitted with bronze tempered glass, creating a strong contrast with the wood but still exposing the beauty and geometry of the "Trilogic" base. This design uses a strong geometric structure to create an open stage for the amazing organic path and aesthetics of the wood grain. 

This table top can be made in multipile species, however, extra wide lumber is required to accomidate the curves, making it subject to availability. Although this table can be made in Ash again, the intricate and rare grain patterns will probably never be available again.



The Trilogic table base is constructed of three identical pieces of white oak, notched and bolted together for remarkable strength and stability. When paired with a solid (no glass) top, this base can be inverted to create an entirely different look.

[ Patent #USD785,3855 ]



The sides of the table hold as much charm as the top. The two different grain patterns match up and flow together at each of the three points. The bow tie spline is a classic form of joinery, adding a contradicting but pleasant break.