Phil Traeger was lucky enough to grow up on the coast in Southern California, surfing, sailing, diving and fishing. Originally trained as a custom boat builder, he learned to build hulls and superstructure to strict tolerances, yet with the overriding objective to create fair flowing curves.

He switched to concrete work where his training in building to exact specifications continued while laying out and forming foundations for multi-story buildings and custom hillside homes.

He honed his carpentry skills spending another 25 years crafting interiors of custom homes, concentrating on details and quality.

His current line of furniture is a culmination and continuation of everything he has learned in over 40 years as a well trained, well rounded, disciplined master carpenter. The goal, he says, "is to blend form and function to create unique high quality furniture."

Asked to describe himself in only a few words, Phil's answer is simple, "a happy family man".